Collateralized assets on BSC

Twin is a DeFi protocol powered by smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain network that enables the creation of synthetic assets called Twin Assets (T-Assets)

What are t-assets?

T-Assets are collateralised tokens that mimic the price of the target assets and give traders anywhere in the world open access to new investments without the burdens of owning or transacting real assets.


  • The minting of T-Assets is decentralized and is undertaken by users throughout the network by opening a position and depositing collateral.
  • Twin ensures that there is always sufficient collateral within the protocol to cover tAssets and also manages markets for tAssets by listing them on exchanges and giving rewards to liquidity providers.
Traditional Assets
Digital Goods

How It Works?

Twin Protocol allows the creation of synthetics assets (T-Assets) , that track the price of real world assets.


  • To mint a Twin asset (T-Asset), a minter must lock up a percentage of the current asset value in BUSD Binance stablecoin or some other accepted collateral token.
  • If the value of the asset rises above the collateralization threshold, the collateral is liquidated to guarantee solvency of the system.
  • To target the price of the T-Asset, the system reads in underlying asset prices via it’s own price oracle.
  • When the price of the T-Asset drifts significantly from the primary market, traders are incentivized to purchase / sell the asset or to mint / burn to claim the collateral.

Twin benefits


Our contracts have been fully audited and have been heavily tested for security issues

Collateral-backed stablecoin tUSD

Similar to DAI we have out own stablecoin tUSD that is fully backed by collateral on the Binance Smart Chain

Safer collateralized assets

All our T-Assets are backed by high-market cap tokens like BUSD, USDC and USDT. Investors in T-Assets are safe from TWIN volatility

Portfolio Tokens

A new kind of asset that allows traders to invest in custom portfolios without the need to copy their trades

Initial Twin DistributionInitial Supply: 35,000,000

ICO 17,500,000
Locked Liquidity 15,500,000
Marketing 2,000,000
Initial Supply: 35,000,000:
  • ICO: 17,500,000
  • Locked Liquidity: 15,500,000
  • Marketing: 2,000,000


Price Listed in ICO
1 TWIN = 0,02 BUSD
Raise amount = 350,000 BUSD
Accepted Currencies
Binance USD – BUSD


January, 2021 Platform Idea
The origin of the idea for the Twin platform came from analyzing the need for the lack of a derivatives platform with safe collateral reserves and more reasonable collateral ratios in the Binance ecosystem.
February, 2021 Platform Development
The development of the platform was complex and continues to evolve
April, 2021 Firts Audit TechRate
We carried out an audit for the safety and peace of mind of our investors and found no issues in our code
June 2021 ICO Launch
We partnered with to be our launchpad for the IDO of TWIN
June 2021 Twin Farm
Our users will be able to obtain benefits in the form of TWIN tokens by providing liquidity to our tAssets
Coming soon Launch Governance
We will give investors the power to decide and make voting proposals for the development of the platform
Coming soon Community T-Assets
We will create the first tAssets chosen by the team, when we have the Governance module, the community will be able to choose the T-Assets by vote
Coming soon Second Audit
Seeking to continue transmitting confidence to our investors in our platform, we will do a second audit
Coming soon New features
We will continue working on new functionalities so that our investors obtain more and more benefits.